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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ian Lohr: Scumbag Extraordinaire

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Today I have a little story to tell. And it concerns an individual by the name of Ian Lohr. You've probably never heard of him, which makes you very lucky indeed. Ian is someone who, until recently, I thought of as a friend, someone I worked with, and someone I felt like I could generally trust. On April 26th of this year, Mr. Lohr texted me, pleading for money because he had bills to pay (and I still have the texts to prove this). Now up to this point I knew he had been sick and out of work for a while, so I figured he probably was a little hard up for money. That was all I knew at this point. So after more begging from him, and feeding me a sob story about how his wife informed him that his water, gas and electricity were going to be shut off, he eventually got a total of $170 out of me. He assured me he’d be able to pay me back by the end of the week, by Friday or Saturday, and that he was willing to pay interest as well. But those days went by, and I heard nothing from him. I called his cell phone. No answer. I called his house. No answer. As it turned out, there were a few things I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that he had started using heroin again. I didn’t know that his wife kicked him out of the house and that he was living with other people. I didn’t know that I was just one in a long list of other people who he had fed the same bullshit story to (and apparently got money from some of them as well). And I didn’t know that on April 28th, two days later, he was going to be arrested for drug abuse and drug possession. You see, the reason I didn’t know any of this is, well, it’s generally none of my business. I make it a rule of thumb for myself not to pry into other people’s lives, since it’s obviously not my place to do so. Anyone who knows me knows that violating others’ privacy is something that in general I’m patently against. But I’ve had several people confirm all of this to me now. So yeah, I guess I should have been better informed in this case, since it cost me $170, which I’m confident went to buy heroin.

Just the thought of money of mine being spent on heroin disgusts me. This is someone who I considered a friend. Someone I got along with pretty well. Someone who, though he had problems, seemed like a good guy overall. Here I am, working 5 days a week, working to pay off student debts without a whole lot of extra money with me. And he goes and pulls some shit like this. Needless to say, we’re no longer friends. Aside from a comment I left on his Facebook page, I’ve had no contact with him, and have no plans of interacting with him ever again. I hope he lives, gets off the junk, and gets his life in order. But I want nothing to do with him.

So yeah. Moral of the story; don’t ever let Ian Kurtis Lohr borrow money off of you if you actually want to see that money again.


  1. I think it's truly sad that you have to bash someone like this. Does it make you feel like a big man to bash him like this? He made mistakes he's trying to make up for them. I don't care what he did you don't air it like this. It makes you look pathetic.

    1. My purpose in writing this was to make sure he doesn’t pull this shit with anyone else. I fell for his ploy because I was uniformed. I’m trying to make sure everyone else is as informed as possible. Pathetic? How so? Am I the liar? Am I the one who took advantage of several people who I called my friends? Ian fucked up. That’s the fact. He needs to man up and fix his own life. And the two of you bad-mouthing me on Facebook isn’t the way to do it. Yes, I’m well aware of what you and him have said about me. And I’ve considered sharing that with the world as well. As it is now, I’ve decided not to. Don’t make me change my mind.

  2. You're quite the pretentious little twat. If you were really his friend, you'd be helping to support him through his time of need instead of posting negative things about him. Addiction is a disease and will make people do things that they wouldn't normally do. I hope you get your $170 back so you can choke on it dick head.

    1. “If you were really his friend, you'd be helping to support him through his time of need”

      Uh, yeah, I tried that already, remember? Me loaning him the money in the first place because he told me (i.e. lied) that he needed help paying his bills. Remember? Did you happen to read that part? Oh but of course you’re right. Me loaning him $170 to (supposedly) help him. Clearly I wasn’t really his friend. And no, addiction is NOT a disease. Educate yourself (see here, here, here, and here).

    2. Actually, I'm studying to be a substance abuse counselor and have a 4.0 through 2 years of college. And yes, addiction is a pretty complex disease whether you believe it or not. Secondly, I read you lent him money. It is just money though...It means nothing really. What I actually meant was that if you were really his friend, you'd look past some paper with dead presidents on it and support him through his recovery efforts. But, if the money means that much to you to stoop to this level, then you're worse off than he is. I'm not the one who needs educated here. Would you like to continue this discussion? Because, the way I see it, you're garbage.

    3. The money isn’t what matters to me that much actually. It’s the fact that he lied to me and took advantage of me. I thought he was my friend, someone I tried to help because I thought he needed it. And he did this to several people. I’m far from the person he screwed over the worst, and what I’ve heard he did to others angers me enormously.

      For the record, I’m not his friend now, so you can stop all this “if you were really his friend you’d do this blah blah blah.” I’ve already said that I hope he gets his life back in order and that he’ll be alright. But I want nothing to do with him. Simple as that.

      “if the money means that much to you to stoop to this level, then you're worse off than he is.”

      Yes, I wrote a blog post, and he lied to several people, took their money, and bought heroin with it. Clearly there’s no contest on which of us is worse off.

      “Would you like to continue this discussion?”

      Not particularly. In fact, I’ve pretty much been trying to forget all about that douche and move on with my life. But by all means, keep trying to make this not his fault. You’re failing miserably at it.

      "Because, the way I see it, you're garbage."

      That's great. I'll just be over here, not being a drug addict, not lying to friends, and living a happy, healthy life. Good day!