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Friday, May 3, 2013

Taylor Contra Power - A Summary

Below is a summary of where my debate with Myles Power currently stands. I include links to his videos, every rebuttal I’ve posted, every “response” he’s posted, and others who’ve defended his assertions. This post may be updated in the future.
·         Myles Power’s video series.
·         Part 1 of my rebuttal: Taylor Contra Power – Part 1
·         Myles Power posts Part 1 of my response to his Facebook page.
·         My video “Rebuttal to Myles Power – Molten Aluminum?” posted in response to his video series. 
·         Myles Power posts my video response to his Facebook page, wherein I debate him and others on the issue of the molten metal from WTC2. 
·         Myles Power posts response to my video on his website: The Apex Truther 
·         I respond to Myles Power’s post: Speaking Truth to Power 
·         Myles Power posts my response to his Facebook page; refuses my offer for a formal debate. 
·         Part 2 of my rebuttal: Taylor Contra Power – Part 2 
·         Facebook poster Hung K Lui criticizes my rebuttal to Myles Power; claims that I don’t know how to reference properly. 
·         My response to Hung K Lui: Do I Know How to Reference?

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