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Friday, September 27, 2013


My face is in pain from all the face-palms. My teeth are cracking from grimacing. And that's just from the trailer. What will the actual movie do to me?

I expect us to still be making bad movies. Hell, with all the crap put out these days sometimes I worry that we've finally run out of ideas for good films. But I would at least have expected us to move past the point of making films in the same category of Reefer Madness. *Sigh* The only tiny silver lining in this that makes me feel a little better is that this film's existence means we must be doing something right. Oh, and these video responses (here and here). They make me feel better too. :)

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  1. No one could possibly be this naive. I hope you spend your government money wisely. I too was once a debunker until I came to the realization that evil men rule this World and lying is their second nature when you are immersed in the Occult. The light of Truth is not only scarce but it is a virtue. The life of a disinformation agent is one of the lowest forms of mans sinful nature. We will all bow our knee to Yahshua regardless. It's up to you to save your soul.