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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Few Cases of Injustice (And What You Can Do To Help)

First, Richard Carrier reports on the tragic case of Michael Brown, and how you can help his family so that they see true justice served.
You can help see justice have its day. You can make a real difference standing up against state corruption and tyranny. You can make a difference toward ending, by exposing and shaming, the wanton and deadly racism so common among the men with guns we ask to police our streets (and it is indeed usually the men). This is how.... Help the Brown family bring the truth to light and have a fair trial of the facts. They have raised so little so far, barely three grand. For a case like this they will need fifty to a hundred grand. I want to see an outpouring of support. Send what you can to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. Please do this. If not for Brown and his grieving family, do it to show you believe in opposing corruption, abuse and oppression in your own country. Do it to show you are fed up with police getting away with the murder of black men every month. Do it to show this must stop. And the people are now paying attention.
Second, it has been reported that Ma'lik Richmond, one of the Steubenville High School students convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl in 2012, has been placed back on the football team as soon as his sentence was finished. I had already decided to boycott all future Big Red football games in the wake of this event, and now here's confirmation I made the right choice. I feel more and more ashamed to say I ever attended that school. Sign this petition to let the school know that this decision is wrong, and that they have exposed their true colors and where their priorities really are.

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