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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why I No Longer Support Alex Jones

It depresses me to think I ever supported this man. I used to think he was one of our few voices of reason. A voice silenced by the mainstream for speaking the truth. And now all I see him as is what everyone else sees him as: a deranged lunatic that no one should take seriously. I know I'm late to realize this, but as they say, better late than never. Alex has clearly had a few screws loose for years, but the recent stuff I've seen of him has finished it for me. I've unsubscribed from his YouTube channel and his Facebook. I'm done. He seems to have all but abandoned the Truth Movement, only mentioning 9/11 truth when it's convenient for him. When it's not, he happily ignores it in order to appease whatever guests appear on his show. The most recent example being his interview with fellow lunatic and (FSM help us) presidential candidate Donald Trump. A 30-minute interview wherein Jones agreed with Trump about everything, including that "the Saudis quarterbacked 9/11." As much as I don't like it, debunker Ryan Mackey sums Alex well:
[I]f Alex Jones was not a driving force bringing the Truth Movement to the mainstream, it wasn’t for lack of trying. He authored a book and produced two videos dedicated to his 9/11 ideas before the end of 2002, and another 9/11-themed video in 2005, as well as several other video presentations where 9/11 was a prominent ingredient. After this, his focus faded, and over time 9/11 became less important to his broadcast and his own conspiracy views. It simply wasn’t his core interest or his best seller. Most famously, he declined to participate in the most influential Truth Movement video of them all, Loose Change – although years later, after the Truth Movement became more popular, he took a controlling interest as executive producer of the 2007 revision Loose Change: Final Cut. It would probably be more correct to state that Alex Jones benefitted from the Truth Movement than the other way around.
Again, I don't like it, but I agree.

Let's also consider his insanity in regards to his BS claims about Planned Parenthood. Or the hate-fueled, bigoted drivel he's spewed out (along with his personal Jesus Christ, Paul Joseph Watson) about feminism. Stupid, crazy, hateful. And now he is bold-faced lying about Bernie Sanders, one of the only honest politicians I've seen in my life. Like I said, I'm done. I simply cannot support this man anymore, and neither should you. Goodbye, and good riddance Mr. Jones. 


  1. The biggest problem I have with him, aside from what's mentioned in this article, is that it's become very obvious he exists purely as a shill for the Zionist establishment. All other examples are secondary.

    1. I can't speak to that. I haven't looked into it enough to come to any firm conclusion. But there's plenty of links covering it, and many are cataloged here for those interested.

  2. I see Alex Jones as an opportunist, much like Donald Trump. If he thinks he can make a nickel off it, he'll promote it. If it stops making money, he'll move on to something else.