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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

History Rewritten? Horus and the Twelve "Disciples"

A video I made a while back that exposes the deceptiveness of Zeitgeist debunker Chris White.

History Rewritten? Horus and the Twelve "Disciples" from StrangerThanFiction on Vimeo.

Further links (because unlike Chris, I have no problem providing sources for a video):

Thread on Chris's video:

My exposure of his dishonesty:

The figure is Horus, not Ra-Horakhty:

Acharya's response to the claim the image is "cut off":

Complete image of the "24" and GodAlmighty's full quote:

GodAlmighty's response to Chris:

Acharya did not omit the 12 female figures:

Voice of Reason's question for Chris:

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