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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Call to C-SPAN on the Free Fall Collapse of WTC7

Nothing like starting off your morning by spreading 9/11 truth through the mainstream media! So I was asked by a friend to call in to C-Span this morning to ask a question about the free fall collapse of WTC7, and luckily I made it through! Granted they did cut me off before I finished the whole question, but I got in most of it and made my point. You can listen to my call in the video below. Me and another guy named John--who was also asked to ask a question about 9/11 by the same friend--ask our questions at minute 13:30. I'll have just the segment featuring us up on YouTube at some point. (Note: They refer to me as a republican caller when I'm brought on. For the record, I am most certainly NOT a republican, or any other party for that matter. I didn't say I was. I think they just assumed I was because I'm from Ohio.)

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