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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Craig McKee Still Lying about the Pentagon

Sigh. It seems that Craig McKee just can't get past this little problem he has about lying over and over again about what happened at the Pentagon. Please believe me when I say I'm as sick of this as anyone can get, but lying about the events of 9/11 is something I can't let go unchecked (hell, that's why I joined the Truth Movement in the first place). Recently I had the chance to visit ol' Craig on Facebook in a discussion thread, where topics about the Pentagon got brought up. Craig of course piped in to give his two cents, insisting for the umteen-thousandth time the no plane hit the building. And lookie what he just happened to post today.

In case you were wondering, the article he links to is this one, one that he wrote, and who's claims I've rebutted not once, but twice now. A rebuttal that Craig is well aware of. There's just no other conclusion I can reach at this point; Craig McKee is a provable liar who has no problem repeating false claims. Need more proof? After calling him out on this, Craig responded with this:

That middle section bears repeating: "You claim that the white object on the right of one of the frames is smoke, not the tip of the plane. But I don't talk about that in my article, so why do you keep claiming that I do?" From the very article Craig wrote and continues to cite:
In the image, we see what appears to be the dark tail of a plane sticking up, but most of what would be the plane is blocked from view by a concrete barrier at the entrance to the parking area, just a few feet from the camera. The alleged shape of the plane is followed by a white trail, generally believed to be smoke from the plane. The following frame shows a large fireball and black smoke billowing from the facade of the building; we don’t actually see any impact at all.... Frame 23 in the film’s comparative analysis is clearly and irreconcilably different. In the second video sequence, with the concrete barrier no longer blocking the view of the alleged plane, we now see that the shape that appeared to be the plane’s tail is simply gone, and now the white “smoke” trail is what appears to be the plane just coming into frame. In fact, the analysis shows that the white blur in the second video is actually present in the first one, but it appears a whole section has been added to it. I know this is not easy to picture, so I strongly recommend that you watch this section of Mazzucco’s film – the section on the Pentagon surveillance videos starts at the 17-minute mark of DVD 2.
Ok, now take your hands off you face and come to your own conclusions about what we're to make of this. IMO, lying. I can't see any other way to describe it. But Craig has the chance to prove me wrong. After pointing these things out to Craig AGAIN, I posed three questions to him that he can answer and explain himself. When (or if) he responds, I'll post his answers and see if they're satisfactory. Until then, ball's in your court Craig.
1. Do you or do you not agree with the film's characterization of how the footage was supposedly doctored? (As your articles keep implying you do support its point.) 
2. If you do not agree with the film's characterization, are you going to amend your articles with a disclaimer that the film is wrong on the point it is making?  
3. If you think the footage has been altered in a different way than how the film describes, explain exactly what you think has been altered. You say I'm misrepresenting you, but all you do is reference the film when claiming the footage has been altered. What else am I supposed to think?

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  1. Craig and I have been adversarial since he miscounted the votes on a motion of mine on the deep state call, which actually puts me in a good position to take issue with your accusing him of lying. Richard Gage USED TO agree that we should use the term "misinformation" rather than "disinformation", but the terrible culture of the 9/11 truth movement has even dragged him into the morass.

    I say here as I have been saying for a year, we as a nation do not deserve to live in freedom because it is so rare to witness a civil conversation about the central political event of our time, 9/11. Superficially that is a criticism of the MSM and the left gatekeepers, but it sadly applies to over 99% of truthers. Aren't people who claim they know someone they disagree with knows better than to take the position they take essentially admitting they claim to have extra sensory perception?
    I currently side with Chandler and Coste as regards the Pentagon, but the superior criticism of Craig's side is that it has had 9 months to analyze sentence by sentence even one chapter of the 17 chapters?
    No federal official was fired after 9/11, but the feds entrusted with ruining the 9/11 truth movement deserve a monument on the Washington Mall. They deserrve that monument BECAUSE WE ARE SUCH FOOLS WE CAN"T BE CIVIL TO EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!